Lake George, Florida - Fishing Guide Map


Lake George hosts a wide variety of wildlife ranging from migratory water birds and alligators to a number of normal marine animals. Local springs in Lake George impart enough salt to the system to make the habitat suitable to resident and migratory marine species like Atlantic stingray, various species of mullet, striped bass and blue crabs. There is a large enough blue crab population to support a local fishery, making it one of the only fresh water blue crab fisheries in the world. In more recent years, Lake George has been home to an operational U.S. Military bombing range. The range is affiliated with the Pine Castle Bombing Range located in the Ocala National Forest just west of Lake George. The bombing ranges date back to WWII, when the Navy built bomb targets in Lake George and nearby Crescent Lake, and stationed personnel in the area to maintain the targets and perform search and rescue operations for downed pilots.

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